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Some events of note... Nov. 2nd, 2009 @ 12:24 pm
AMV contest screening 1
Friday 3:30pm
Main Events

AMV Salad 3: Three Bean Casserole (PG-13)
Friday 10:30pm
Panel 1

AMV contest screening 2
Saturday 1:30pm
Main Events

AMV Award Show
Saturday 4:30pm
Panel 1

Live-Action Whack a Catgirl: the Cat(girl) Came Back (game show)
Saturday 6pm
Panel 1

the Legend of Neil (18+)
Saturday 11pm
Panel 2

For the rundown of all the other events and panels, go to http://www.nekocon.com/programing_schedule.php - see y'all at NekoCon 12!

And remember the Wild West theme this year...

About panels~... Oct. 24th, 2009 @ 08:52 pm
My friend signed her and I up to host an Axis Powers Hetalia panel, and I was wondering, when will we find out if it's a go? We'd really like to get everything ready... and so we can work out a time for the Hetalia shoot.

~Jasmine M.

Current Location: My friend singing... e_e
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Konnichi waa~ <3 Oct. 23rd, 2009 @ 05:56 am

You can call me Miyako-chan! ^.~* I can't wait to for Nekocon and to surprise everyone in my costume!

What is it? It's a surprise! ;D I'm new to LJ and I hope to make some friends and see everyone having tons of fun at the con!!

NEKOCON GA KAKKOII!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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NekoCon Pre-Reg Deadline This Friday! Oct. 14th, 2009 @ 01:38 am
We're at the final 2 days for NekoCon 12: The Good, The Bad, The Neko!! You can still reg via PayPal by following this link Register via PayPal

Also don't forget our Name the Mascot contest, we have three lost kitties who need a name.

AMV Contest - Final Alert Oct. 6th, 2009 @ 07:34 am
For those of you who still need to upload, you have until MIDNIGHT TONIGHT to do it.

For the mail-in entries, we have yet to hear from the two who forgot to include their email address with their info. If you DID NOT receive a confirmation email that we received your entries, please PM me with your name and email address.

As for the rest of you, good luck. I eagerly await the finalist screening...
Other entries
» AMV Contest status
The deadline has passed as of 12:01am Friday morning October 2.

Due to two of the five categories being light on entries this year, Upbeat and Comedy will be consolidated into one. Furthermore, the number of finalists for Drama, Romance, and Action (the most competitive category this year) has been increased to 7. We're trying to level the playing field while also making the contest as competitive as possible. Another reason for this move is to save about $100 on trophies and invest that money in bigger prizes in addition to the trophies.

This wouldn't be an isolated scenario, though. I've been looking at the ballots for conventions this year and noticing that, oddly enough, editors have been trending away from Comedy and Upbeat (further evidenced by a Trailer winning Best Upbeat at Katsucon in February). Strange but true. I think the same thing happened with Romance for a while so maybe it is just a trend?

Anyway, no one should get the impression anyone is getting into the finalist pool "by default" in light of this development. We still have a scoring system to adhere to when screening these things. We're also determined to never have a lame contest. One thing's for sure, though: next year, the promotion machine behind this contest will redouble its efforts to make sure as many people as possible know about it and bring more competition to NekoCon.

I've probably rambled on enough. Stay tuned for further updates...
» Deuce Loosely Productions presents pleasure, pain, and parody...
(Exact times are still tentative)

AMV Salad 3: Three Bean Casserole - Friday night 10:30pm
The multi-editor project tour returns for another triumphant year to NekoCon! Come witness what happens when eleven crazed AMV editors crash the [adult swim] control room and take over for 21 minutes. And they brought their own commercials and viewing schedule ideas as well! This year's premiere at Otakon was a major success. Come find out why.

Live-Action Whack-a-Catgirl: the Cat(girl) Came Back! - Saturday 3pm
Neko-chan didn't learn her lesson from last year so she's back for another round. Prizes and pride are at stake in this game show based on the Asmadi Games CCG, Whack-a-Catgirl. See the attraction power of cameras, Pocky, and yaoi manga! Witness the damage dealt by tentacles, plushies, and buckets of water! Luckily, there won't be a fangirl stampede and NO ACTUAL WHACKING will take place (we mean it this time)!
Note: if you want a chance of being a contestant, wear your cat ears!
Note2: We need a Neko-chan to take center stage. Cuteness is necessary. Annoying cuteness is preferred. ;) Please apply here. We had a Merle (Escaflowne) cosplayer perform the role at Otakon, just as an example. Provide a photo if you can.
Note3: Contestants will be chosen by playing rounds of another Asmadi card game, "Win, Lose, or Banana."

the Legend of Niel (live-action) - Saturday night 11pm
This one is 18+ (language, violence, adult themes and humor) so please have ID ready before entering! For a full hour, watch what happens when a downtrodden guy named Niel gets drunk and begins playing Legend of Zelda, "appreciates" a certain female character, chokes himself out with his NES controller, and is magically transported into the game. It's a world of emo dragons, shady shopkeepers, annoying enemies, and one codependent fairy brought to life by Effin Funny Productions and to the internet by Comedy Central Partners and Atom. Oh yeah, and there's a special musical episode composed by Jed Whedon (co-conspirator to Dr.Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)...
» We should have Gaia...
So Gaia Online is going to the New York Anime Festival. When they plan another Kiki's Road Trip, they should remember...

Too bad we didn't get them to come out this year...

(...and yes, I altered the image a bit *heh*)
» AMV Contest Alert!
And on the eighth day, the warning went out:

You have until NEXT THURSDAY to request your FTP or get your mail-in submissions postmarked!

We will accept NO NEW SUBMISSIONS after that.

If you need until October 1 to finish your video and make your FTP request THAT DAY, you'll have until October 6 to upload.

If there are any problems or questions, please post here or send a PM to me or Tiffany (our DH) immediately. Remember: haste makes waste but procrastination makes exasperation...
» greetings!
hello everybody!!
i just joined this community! names britt.

so, this is my very first time going to an anime convention out of state (I am from Maryland and I've been going to Otakon for five years now). Since i am attending college in north carolina, i have a friend who wants to go to Nekocon and she wants me to come along also. I wanted to know if the pre-registration (or at-door) lines were inside or outside of the convention center? (i just want to avoid the sun XD)

i just wanted to be aware of what to expect when i go.
i hope this is okay to post. :)
thank you :)
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