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Some events of note... - NekoCon

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AMV contest screening 1
Friday 3:30pm
Main Events

AMV Salad 3: Three Bean Casserole (PG-13)
Friday 10:30pm
Panel 1

AMV contest screening 2
Saturday 1:30pm
Main Events

AMV Award Show
Saturday 4:30pm
Panel 1

Live-Action Whack a Catgirl: the Cat(girl) Came Back (game show)
Saturday 6pm
Panel 1

the Legend of Neil (18+)
Saturday 11pm
Panel 2

For the rundown of all the other events and panels, go to http://www.nekocon.com/programing_schedule.php - see y'all at NekoCon 12!

And remember the Wild West theme this year...
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Date:November 2nd, 2009 09:23 pm (UTC)

how does one print out this schedule?

I cannot separate it from the frame that it is in to print
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